Blue Rocks is a premier sea kayaking destination of Nova Scotia. Made up of stratified slate pushed upward by crustal folding, the fifty-plus islands in this archipelago are stunning to kayak through. This maze of islands has passageways that only kayakers can navigate. Blue Rocks offers many opportunities to see wildlife above and below it’s clear waters including playful seals.

Paddle to the Seals – Daily Morning Tour (9am start) – 4 hours in length. We try and paddle to the seal colony, weather permitting. Our goal is to not disturb the seal but allow them to approach us on the water. Their curiosity gets them to come out and say “hi” but as they are wild animals seals are not guaranteed. We provide a snack on a secluded beach.

Price – $80/person
Difficulty – Moderate (possible headwind on the return paddle)


Islands Paddle – Daily Afternoon Tour (2pm start) – 3 hours in length. We hide from any wind while zigzagging through the islands until we reach our secluded beach where we provide a snack. Different zigzagging on the return paddle.

Price – $65/person
Difficulty – Easy


Sunset Paddle – Daily Evening Tour (6pm start) – 2 hours in length. Any wind drops as the sun sinks lower on the horizon. It is normally completely calm and tranquil as we paddle back to the office watching the sunset.

Price – $50/person

Difficulty – Easy


Other Tour Rates

2 Hours – $50/person
Full day – $125/person, with a minimum of 3 people  (A shore lunch is included)

Plus taxes.

We supply the kayak, gear, snack, water and as little or as much instruction as you want. All you need to bring is water friendly footwear, sun protection and a great attitude!

We have double and single kayaks available, just let us know what you’re looking for when you book.  Children who are 12 years old and under are half price and must be in a double kayak.

We accept cash, Debit, Visa and Master Card.

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What can you expect on the tour?

We meet at the end of The Point road at the agreed time, usually 9am or 2pm. If you need directions please look here or give us a call.

After introductions and paperwork, equipment will be distributed to all the paddlers and we will talk briefly about the kayaking gear and how to use it. Next we’ll go over the sea kayaks from bow to stern explaining all the parts. We’ll get everyone to sit in their kayak and adjust the seat and the foot peddles. After everyone is comfortable we launch the boats in the the beautiful calm waters of Blue Rocks right on the edge of Nova Scotia.

Once on the water, we’ll take a quick paddle and then review the basic strokes we’ll be using. After that, we’re ready to delve into the many islands of Blue Rocks. We’ll paddle in amongst the islands, protected from the open ocean, for just over an hour. We will then stop off at a secluded beach, stretch, explore and enjoy a snack that we provide. The snack usually consists of fruit and bars or cookies.

After the refreshments we get to go kayaking again. The second paddle is about an hour to an hour and a half.  Will end back at our starting point. We then help people out of the boats and collect the equipment and wish everyone other pleasant adventures.

What wildlife might you see while paddling in Blue Rocks, NS?

There are two seal rookeries, or resting places, that we could visit and see harbour and grey seals. Many white tail deer live in and around the islands. If you’re lucking you might be able to see one swimming as your kayak rounds a corner. There is a family of otters that move from island to island. Porcupines and snakes have also been seen swimming between islands.

For birds there are ospreys, kingfishers, eagles, black-backed gulls, other gulls, many ducks, smaller sea birds, pipers and many others.

Crabs, jelly fish, sea anemones, mussels, periwinkles abound. Occasionally mackerel will be chasing bait fish in the shallows and will rise to the surface around your kayak. Porpoises are curious and will swim by and one tour did meet a friendly mola mola or sunfish.


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