Once again the weather was an issue for the Challenge. The forecast called heavy rain, high winds and possible thunder and lightning.¬† The Challenge had already been postponed in the spring until September so the show was going to go on unless it started to thunder and lightning.¬† The ranks of entrants thinned as the start approached. In the end there were 13 “never say never” kayakers.

Due to the weather the course ran from the Back Harbour of Lunenburg to Blue Rocks, as it had in 2011. After the course was completed the delicious meal was had in Blue Rocks and the prizes from Old Creel Canoe and Kayak were drawn.


Single Kayak Times-

Sergio Greguoldo – 1:12:11

Peter Tupper – 1:14:22

Allan Mc Naughton – 1:15:32

Karl Marsters – 1:16:22

David Ellis – 1:19:56

Spencer – 1:44:11

Philip Cygan – 1:44:27

Hal Richmond – 1:58:15


Tandem Kayak Times-

Marla Benton – 1:20:17

Eric Harding – 1:20:17

Michael Parrott – 2:00:42

Krystal  Р2:00:42

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